Barley Mill Brew Pub


Est. 1997

Barley Mill Brewery

Brewing Craft Beer before brewing beer was cool !   We are proud to be in the heart of the Craft Brew Industry right here in Penticton, BC.   Our craft beer can be purchased on tap in the Barley Mill Brew Pub and Family Bistro, or visit the Barley Mill Liquor Store located right next door to the pub.       Order online at the link below for convenient pick up in our drive thru service.

– Now Serving –

Barley Mill, Sweet & Sour  – ALC 5%  IBU 10  
Barley Mill, Rude Pony NEIPA – ABV 6.% IBU 25
Barley Mill, Mustang Pale Ale  – ABV 5% IBU 20
Barley Mill, Wheat Ale  – ABV 4.5% IBU 12
Barley Mill, Classic Lager – ABV 5%  IBU 14
Barley Mill, Caballero Cerveza – ABV 3.8%  IBU 12
Barley Mill, Nite Mare Brown Ale – ABV 5% IBU 35





Classic Lager

Rude Pony NEIPA

Original Pilsner

Pen City Stout

Caballero Cerveza

Nite Mare Brown

Scarlet Red Amber

Mustang Pale Ale


What’s In Season

Filly Black Lager

Stallion I.P.A.