Food Menu


  • Appetizers

  • Brew Battered Poutine

    Brew Battered Poutine


    Our famous beer battered fries, cheese curds & gravy  16  Pulled Pork 20.5

  • Chicken Wings

    Chicken Wings


    Tossed the way you like! Hot, S & P, lemon pepper, honey garlic, BBQ, sweet hot or sweet chili. Carrots, celery & our house made veg dip  17.5

  • Cranberry Chicken Flatbread

    Cranberry Chicken Flatbread


    Grilled chicken, spinach, sundried cranberries, house made jack  15.5

  • Deep Fried Pickles

    served with our Electric sauce.   14-

  • Dry Ribs

    Dry Ribs


    Tender bite sized tequila & lime marinated dry ribs with garlic and sea salt (Gluten Friendly)  16.5

  • Flash Fried Calamari


    and jalapenos flash fried to perfection. Served with our own tzatziki and grilled flatbread 17.5

  • Ham & Pineapple Pico Flatbread


    No pineapple on pizza?   How about a flatbread?     Prepare your taste buds, this one has some kick!  15

  • Nachos Extravaganza

    Nachos Extravaganza


    Hand cut taqueria style corn tortillas, Monterey Jack, mozza, cheddar, green onions, olives, black beans, tomatoes & our house made jalapeno guacamole drizzle (Gluten Free)  19
    Chicken, Pulled Pork or Fajita Steak 6- Guacamole 4- Jalapenos 2-

  • Potato Skins

    Potato Skins


    Covered in a three cheese blend with green onions and chopped bacon (Gluten Friendly)  15

  • Spinach Dip

    Spinach Dip


    Spinach Dip Made in house. Served with hand cut corn chips (Gluten Friendly)  16.5

  • Veggies & Dip


    Assorted fresh veggies & homemade veggie dip 12