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Salads & Bowls

Salads & Bowls

  • Salads & Bowls

  • Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad


    with crumbled feta, red onion and candied walnuts. Mango jalapeno dressing and balsamic glaze (Gluten Free)  18

  • Baja Taco Bowl


    Grilled Tex Mex chicken, prawns or beef, mixed greens, black beans, corn tortillas, roasted corn salsa, lime wedge & guacamole jalapeno dip. Served in Taco Bowl  22

  • Blackened Chicken & Bacon Salad


    with red onions, mandarins, crumbled feta and greens. Dressed with mandarin juices and balsamic glaze (Gluten Free)  22

  • Caesar Salad


    Romaine, Asiago Caesar dressing, croutons, & shaved Parmesan petals 17.5

  • Curry Bowl


    Full of flavor and spice. Choose from tender chicken, prawns OR garbanzo beans, in a creamy curry sauce, served with rice, cucumbers & grilled naan  24

  • Power Bowl


    Basmati rice, spinach, garbanzo beans, jalapeno guacamole, carrots, cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, green onions, sesame seeds & an apple cider mango drizzle  20   Add Grilled Chicken, Prawns or Beef  6-

  • Red Pepper Rose Alfredo


    House made sauce served over a nest of Pappardelle Noodles. Topped with chili flakes, parsley & Fresh Parmesan. Served with Garlic Toast.   19

  • Stir-fry


    Vegetables sautéed with an oyster sauce & crispy wonton garnish served over rice.  20 -  Add Beef, Grilled Chicken or Prawns 6-

  • Sweet Chili Chicken Salad


    Romaine with Caesar dressing, sweet chili chicken, peppers, red onion, cucumber, feta, candied walnuts, craisins & sesame seeds. Garnished with crispy wonton. 22

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