Munchies & Starters
    Cranberry Chicken Flatbread  
  Grilled chicken, spinach, sundried cranberries, house made jack & herb cream cheese, with a balsamic glaze 13.5-

    Flash Fried Calamari  
  and jalapenos flash fried to perfection. Served with our own tzatziki and grilled flatbread 15.5-    
    Chicken Wings  
  Tossed the way you like! Hot, S & P, lemon pepper, honey garlic, BBQ, sweet hot or sweet chili. Carrots, celery & our house made veg dip 14.5-    
    Dry Ribs  
  Tender bite sized tequila & lime marinated dry ribs with garlic and sea salt (Gluten Free) 14-    
    Potato Skins  
  Covered in a three cheese blend with green onions and chopped bacon (Gluten Free) 13.5-    
    Spinach Dip  
  Spinach Dip Made in house. Served with hand cut corn chips (Gluten Free) 15.5-    
    Veggies & Dip  
  Assorted fresh veggies & homemade veggie dip $10    
    Nachos Extravaganza  
  Hand cut taqueria style corn tortillas, Monterey Jack, mozza, cheddar, green onions, olives, black beans, tomatoes & our house made jalapeno guacamole drizzle (Gluten Free) 16-
Chicken or Fajita Steak 5- Guacamole 3- Jalapenos 1-
    Brew Battered Poutine  
  Our famous beer battered fries, cheese curds & gravy 13.5-    
Homemade Soups
    Soup of the Day  
  Known for our homemade soups! Call us for today's selection. Cup 6- , Bowl 9-    
    Clam Chowder “Fridays only”  
  Our featured New England style chowder. Thick, creamy & loaded with baby clams, bacon & potatoes Cup 8- , Bowl 10-    
Hearty homemade soups are our specialty. Our Chefs prepare these soups each morning with special care and attention
    Curry Bowl  
  Full of flavour and spice. Choose from tender chicken, prawns, steak strips or garbanzo beans, in a creamy curry sauce, served with rice, cucumbers & grilled naan. 19-    
  Vegetables sautéed with an oyster sauce & crispy wonton garnish. Rice or Farkay egg noodle 16- with Steak Strips, Grilled Chicken or Prawns 21-    
    Power Bowl  
  Basmati rice, spinach, garbanzo beans, jalapeno guacamole, carrots, cucumber, red pepper, tomatoes, green onions, sesame seeds & an apple cider mango drizzle 16- ,    
    Caesar Salad  
  Romaine, Asiago Caesar dressing, croutons, & shaved Parmesan petals small 10- large 13- ,    
    Blackened Chicken & Bacon Salad  
  with red onions, mandarins, crumbled feta and greens. Dressed with mandarin juices and balsamic glaze (Gluten Free) 19-    
    Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad  
  with crumbled feta, red onion and candied walnuts. Mango jalapeno dressing and balsamic glaze (Gluten Free) 15-    
    Baha Salad  
  Grilled Tex Mex chicken, prawns or Fajita steak, mixed greens, black beans, corn tortillas, roasted corn salsa lime wedge & guacamole jalapeno dip (Gluten Free) 18-
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Grilled Chicken Breast $5
Sautéed Prawns $5
Steak Strips $5
  Three cheese, tomatoes, green onions, black beans and black olives 14- Chicken or Fajita Steak Quesadilla 17-
    French Dip  
  AAA slow roasted beef with a roasted red pepper aioli, au jus & an onion ring garnish 16-    
    Barley Mill Clubhouse  
  Grilled chicken breast, carved ham, bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato on focaccia 16.5-    
    Reuben Sandwich  
  Montreal smoked meat, Dijon, sauerkraut, & swiss cheese grilled on marble rye 16-    
    Ultimate Bacon Grilled Cheese  
  Stacked with bacon, jalapeno jack, apricot jam, banana peppers & spinach 15.5-
    Kevin’s Hang-over Sandwich  
  Breaded chicken breast, topped with bacon, grilled mushrooms, melted cheddar & our smokey BBQ mayo, served on grilled marble rye $16    
Served with your choice of fries or tossed salad . Substitute Brew City Fries, Soup of the day or Caesar Salad for $2
Flame Grilled Burgers
    Original Angus Burger  
  Our traditional Angus beef burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and our smoky BBQ sauce 15.5- Bacon 2.5- Mushrooms 2- Cheddar, Jalapeno Jack or Swiss Cheese 2-    
    Firehouse Burger  
  Our Angus burger, bacon, jalapenos, jalapeno jack cheese, chipotle mayo & apple coleslaw to cool it down! 18-    
    The Barley Burger—Voted #1 in the Okanagan  
  House made Angus beef patty, cheddar cheese, ham, lettuce, onion, tomato, grilled mushrooms and our smoky BBQ mayo 18-    
    Big Crunch Chicken Burger  
  Breaded spicy chicken breast, swiss cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and burger sauce on a kaiser 16-    
    3 Mile Grilled Chicken Burger  
  with spinach, tomato, onion, mayo & burger sauce on a ciabatta 16.5-    
    Spicy Black Bean Burger  
  with tzatziki, chipotle mayo, spinach, cucumber, tomato & onions on a ciabatta bun 15-    
The burgers at Barley Mill Pub are legendary. Our award winning homemade beef patties are what make our burgers the best in the valley. Served with your choice of fries or tossed salad. Substitute Brew City Fries, Soup of the day or Caesar Salad for $2
AAA Canadian Steak & Baby Back Ribs
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Sautéed Mushrooms $3
Grilled Prawns $5
    Steak Sandwich  
  Flame broiled, 8 oz. centre cut top sirloin. Garlic toast & french fries with an onion ring garnish. 19-    
    Steak Dinner  
  Our well known flame broiled 8 oz. sirloin, served with mashed potatoes, gravy & seasonal veg. (Gluten Free on Request) 24- ,    
    Baby Back Ribs  
  Braised in our House Brewed Ale. Choose from Honey Jerk or Smokey BBQ sauce. Served with apple coleslaw & our famous brew fries 19.9-    
    Steak 'n Nite Mare Ale Pot Pie  
  Nite Mare Brown Ale marinated steak, carrots, celery and onions served under a puff pastry shell. Your choice of fries or salad. $17,    
House Brew Fish & Chips
    Cod & Chips  
  Our own Barley Mill Brew beer batter. Apple coleslaw, French fries and tartar sauce 1 piece 14- , 2 Piece 17-    
    Halibut & Chips  
  Our own Barley Mill Brew beer batter. Apple coleslaw, French fries and tartar sauce 1 piece 17- , 2 piece 23-    
    Halibut Burger  
  lettuce, red onion, coleslaw & tartar on a kaiser bun 17- ,    
Kids Menu
    The McMill Burger  
  Our lil' guy plain hamburger with fries or carrot stix 9-    
    Clucks & Fries  
  Chicken tenders lightly breaded & served golden brown with fries or carrot stix. Plum sauce for dippin'9-    
    Cod & Chips  
  Hand battered served with fries or carrot stix 9-    
    Gooey Grilled Cheese  
  Made with extra cheese, and served with fries or carrot stix 8-    
    Little Dipper  
  Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce 3-    
    A Wee Pizza  
  Kid-size ham & cheesy pizza 9-    
At the Mill we treat our little people Big Time... all the Time!
12 Years old & under, thank you. Available at the Upstairs Bistro Only!